Professional Estimation Services

Beni Builders UK Ltd are proud to offer professional estimation services to the trade and the public. Whether you are a builder, a developer, an architect or just trying to get an accurate idea of the cost of your building works, we can help you.

What is needed to get a professional estimate?

Very little. For us to give you an accurate and detailed estimate, all we need is a full set of architects drawings and any specification documents, if they are required. We can then produce an estimate within 1-2 working days.

What will I receive and how much does it cost?

A basic estimation package will come with a single report, detailing the schedule of works to be completed and a list of the materials required. These reports are fully customiseable, your company logo and other details can be added. You can also choose the level of detail in the report, with options to add a breakdown of key materials or all materials, labour, quantities, build phases and "Customer Friendly" descriptions, see an example here. The cost of this report is detailed in the pricing list below as it varies for different types of project. Please also see our list of additional reports below, which can be purchased for £35.00 each (Incl VAT).

Additional Reports(click to see example):

Basic Estimate Pricing (Incl VAT)

  • Domestic Extension: £95.00
  • Loft Conversion: £95.00
  • Basement Conversion: £95.00
  • Garage Conversion: £95.00
  • Refurbishments: £155.00
  • New Build Apartment/Home: £155.00

If you would like to order a Professional Estimate, or have any queries, please contact us, with "Professional Estimate" as the subject.

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